WordPress Custom Post Type Not Showing Within Admin Menu


I recently had a frustrating experience while registering a custom post type for a recent project. After triple checking all my settings I thought I had everything wired correctly and yet, my CPT was still refusing to show within the admin menu. Arg!

I discovered that WordPress has a 20 character limit1 on strings used within the post_type column. I was trying to use:

register_post_type('wp_shopify_collections', $args);

In this case “wp_shopify_collections” was 22 characters long. After changing it to wp_shopify_collect everything worked correctly.

If this doesn’t solve your issue make sure to try the following …

  1. The ‘show_in_menu’ parameter is set to true
  2. Your CPT registration is typo free
  3. Last but not least, disable all plugins one by one and revert to a stock theme